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All along we have been talking about trading in forex markets and making profits from it. But think for a moment what does the forex market actually achieve? At the least it provides for a method to make payments across national borders. So when you are transferring money across borders you are actually transferring purchasing power from one currency to another. In the process what happens? A mechanism evolves whereby exchange rates between different currencies get determined. A major beneficiary of this is of course the Continue Reading »

You can actually make a regular source of income by entering the fascinating world of forex trading. But there is a checklist you need to follow to have a profitable trading experience. That would make your forex trading worthwhile and that much more orderly. Continue Reading »

Two basic approaches can be made to analyze the forex market. One is the fundamental analysis that looks at growth factors of the country whose currencies are being traded. The second is of course technical analysis that analyzes chart patterns and indicators. While both are important in their own unique ways, the fact remains that for a beginner technical analysis is fundamental in context. In this article I will try to explain the limitations of technical analysis in forex trading. Continue Reading »

Interpreting a forex chart is vital to a forex trader’s business, as it gives you the vital picture of how currencies are doing at any point of time in the markets. By mastering the charts, you could see if a currency were getting stronger or weaker and then take a trade related decision. A forex chart is created for a currency pair like the EURUSD or USDJPY and for any other currency pair you get to see in your trading platform. In simple terms, it shows the prices of the currencies concerned in relation to one another over a period of time. For instance, the EURUSD chart would tell you how the US dollar and EUR moved against one another over the period of time for which the chart was plotted. Continue Reading »

Forex charts provide you with an overview of local and global trends in forex trading.
It is a key element in any forex trader’s toolbox and if you want to become a dedicated trader you need to master the skill of interpreting charts. Continue Reading »

Trading forex requires a solid investment strategy. Not just that. There is no guaranteed system to find the best currency pairs with the best entry and exit points. Besides that, trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. If you think you could enter the forex trade riding on the back of a guaranteed system of profits, then you are terribly mistaken. That is because, no “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can Continue Reading »

Don’t rush in and suffer losses. Perhaps the key to your success would be to select the right broker. In any case you cannot start trading without a broker. Getting the wrong broker would lead to many problems down the road, and so getting the right broker is what you should concentrate on. Firstly, what is a forex broker? A broker is a company that accepts your buy or sell orders and in turn charge a fee for Continue Reading »

When it comes to Forex trading, there are two markets that you can trade money in: major and minor markets. Major markets are the major countries’ currencies, and include currencies such as US Dollars and Euros. Minor markets can be distinguished as second world countries’ currencies, and include currencies such as the Korean Won and New Taiwan Dollar. When you are trading Forex, its important to know which market you should trade in, and the significant Continue Reading »

women_pcDeflate your risks. Keep your profits high. This article sets forth vital investment practices. Logistics in the forex-investing context is nothing but a series of elements that contribute to a successful forex trade. It’s like having the right ambience to set up your computer and desk and feeling comfortable about it. These elements are: Continue Reading »

There are innumerable forex products available on the Internet to choose from. Here is an overview of forex trading sites. In recent times more and more investors are joining the bandwagon of forex trading. This naturally increases the demand for good forex products that would provide them with time tested forex strategies and tools on how to profit from forex markets. Continue Reading »

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