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There are innumerable forex products available on the Internet to choose from. Here is an overview of forex trading sites. In recent times more and more investors are joining the bandwagon of forex trading. This naturally increases the demand for good forex products that would provide them with time tested forex strategies and tools on how to profit from forex markets.

FOREX trading systems- what to look for

FOREX trading system is a piece of specialized software that allows you to get on to the Internet and engage in forex trading. There are a few questions to which you must find the right answers before you select the trading system or platform that suits you the best. These are the questions to which you need to find the answers.

  1. How long has the trading platform been in business?
  2. What type of credentials do they have? Are they certified?
  3. Do they have customer testimonials?
  4. Do they have a trial version?

A whole lot of things have been said in earlier articles on how to select a forex broker and so on. In this article I would review forex-trading sites that I have either used in real-time trading or in the demo version. These are excellent forex trading sites and you would do well to open trading accounts with them, as primarily your investments will be safe.


FXCM-logoEvery trade at FXCM is executed in the backdrop of one of the world’s premier banks or financial institutions. These banks and financial institutions compete amongst themselves to provide FXCM with bid and ask prices. This broker has the best spreads available. How do they do it? Usually the Euro/US dollar spread is 2 pips and the British pound/dollar 3 pips, but fractional pip pricing tightens the spreads even further and generally the spread is one pip or less for major currency pairs. Besides that, FXCM’s $350 billion in monthly volume drives price competition.

The problem with some of the forex trading sites is that a conflict of interest arises between their functions as a broker and trader. FXCM has no such problems, and there is no dealer intervention in trades. Moreover, the bankers who provide your currency prices do not get to see your stops, limits and entry orders.

Some brokers do not allow you to trade during breaking news. Others do not allow you to place entry orders inside the spread. FXCM allows both to happen. Besides that, FXCM has roll over transparency, in that, all amounts are displayed in advance and you receive positive rolls at all margin levels.
FXCM may be the largest single source of retail forex currency trades in the world and its linkages with several banks make it reliable.

FX Solutions

FX-solutions-logoWith FX Solution’s GTS Web, you can conveniently do forex trading from a browser. You don’t have to download or install any software. That makes GTS (Global Trading System) Web an introductory interface for traders who are new to Forex market. The beauty of the software is that it lets you seamlessly access your trading account regardless of your location anywhere in the world. For the experienced trader the software offers a wide range of tools and functionality like Improved Forex Calculator which is a single tool for margin, pip and premium calculations; One-Click Trading which allows trades to be entered via a single-click from anywhere on the site; and Ten Pre-Made Trading Screen Layouts which offers traders multiple default trading screens, color variations and layouts. Traders could also choose the layout that best suited their style and needs.

In addition, it has the additional features of price alarm, which provides traders with the ability to set an audible price alarm for any currency pair when a certain price is reached. It also has market news that features the fastest available market news. This trading platform undoubtedly has the industry’s most sophisticated pricing and execution interface.

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