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women drowing graphAs long as you keep trading the forex you will have to keep learning it. That’s the difference between falling back and staying ahead. Always remember to keep forex education an ongoing priority. It’s after all a small price to pay considering the gains you could make. Continue Reading »

booksThere are hundreds of forex courses. Get yourself the best. We learnt earlier that currency prices fluctuate due to a variety of economic and political factors. These major factors are, interest rates, inflation and political stability. Are you an expert in these areas that you could correlate the major factors to changes in currency exchange rates? You may or may not be an expert, but that is not the point. To trade forex you must have an understanding of these factors and their Continue Reading »

Forex e-books: Is it needed?

Buy a good forex e-book. You could use it as a guide to your online forex training course. Surely you would have understood by now that forex is the largest and most profitable investment market if you were to compare it to other forms of investment avenues. If that were true, then you simply can’t do without forex e-books and forex training since they are the largest and most profitable means of education in the forex investing market. If you are a newbie entering the forex market, you simply must buy a good forex e-book. What do you do with a forex e-book? You could read it and follow along as you participate in a forex training course. You can’t just Continue Reading »

Foreign Exchange Markets: What does it mean?

It’s not certainly like the stock market you would have probably been to. Nor is it a kind of market where you would see goods being traded on the market floor. The point is, foreign exchange market is much more sophisticated, and you basically need to understand what it is all about before you actually do forex trading. Continue Reading »

Forex QuoteIn the first article, you had learned about the basics of forex trading. You also learned about some key forex terminology like “pips”,” margin trading”,” lots” and so on. Now you need to know what a forex quote is. Because without knowing what a forex quote is, you simply cannot trade the forex market.

Explaining The Forex Quote:

Continue Reading »

I am sure you have probably heard of stocks and bonds. Many of you must have already done that. Now welcome to the world of forex trading. What exactly is forex?

Forex Market

The word Forex is a loose acronym for Foreign Exchange Markets or forex market, and it started off in the 1970s. What then is a forex market? Forex market is simply a place where money is sold and bought depending Continue Reading »

Trading in foreign exchange (forex) is full of pitfalls, and also high peaks. You can either make money, or lose money. The best way to avoid pitfalls is to find the right information on Forex trading.

First and foremost you need to learn how the forex market works, what it involves and how to deal in forex trading. There are a large number of websites on the Internet which offer these services.
There is one site named goforex.net that contains all Continue Reading »

Forex overview

Let’s first understand some basics about forex trading. Forex stands for For(eign) Ex(change). Trading in forex means that you are buying and selling currencies of other countries with your own country’s currency OR with foreign currencies that you possess.
Before going any further, you must first check with your own country’s rules and regulations about individuals trading in the currency market, as opposed to trading in shares and stocks of companies. This is a significant Continue Reading »

Forex currenciesWhen you find yourself in a market that has a daily volume of over $1.8 Trillion, it becomes very vital that you get the necessary tutorials needed to give you the desired cutting edge for success in such a highly liquid terrain.
I do feel that some basic things must be taught on foreign exchange tutorials like: Continue Reading »

Forex market seaSelecting the right automated FOREX software to use has become a challenge for everyone willing to ensure a head way in this trade. Selecting the right FOREX automated system to use while trading, is essential towards ensuring success in this trade. FOREX trading software comes in manual and automated forms, and could distort or enhance your performance as a FOREX trader if not properly utilized. Recently, we have seen enormous shift from Continue Reading »

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